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Arise as your most magnetic self

Mara Kazantzaki is an entrepreneur, mother, and mentor. She is the founder of breathe & pace, where she educates and leads yoga experiences, and Beyond Motherhood™️ the magical world where mothers re-define their identity and embrace their limitless power.

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About Mara


After a highly successful corporate career in the media industry and then becoming a mother, Mara realised that the world of motherhood was not being elevated for those who have been successful in their professional life. 

The Motherhood Architect

Mara took it into her own hands and is now inspiring women to break free from the traditional notion of motherhood and changing the way that mothers are being supported.


By creating extraordinary experiences for women, mothers find a safe space to breathe, grow, and re-define their identity. 

This is where Beyond Motherhood™️ was born: luxury experiences with robust support that open the gateway to self-realisation, whilst revolutionising parental equality. 


Mara is also the founder of breathe & pace, the catalyst that led to Beyond Motherhood™️


With a background in Psychology and Communications, blended with the highest level of Yoga Education, Mara founded breathe & pace, a yoga community where she's leading yoga education based on modern and functional sports anatomy science, with the added element of philosophical discourse.

Mara mentors new yoga teachers, supporting them throughout

their journey.

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"a gift I give to myself"

"I have been taking classes with Mara for around 18 months now and I could not be happier. I experienced different “types” of teaching with her... for some months we had a private group class, we moved to online coaching and I am now continuing with individual yoga training...


Mara has a very kind and attentive approach to her students, she genuinely wants to help you learn more about yoga and yourself and I feel that every class with her is a gift I give to myself (and being a full time working mom to two young children it is truly a precious gift!).

Every asana with Mara has a purpose and there is a clear intention behind her teaching. I feel like a grew as a person, a yoga student and as a mom since training with her as she is helping me be more present, kinder, stronger and more in touch with myself."


PhD, MPH, MIA, Mother of two

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